Negative Digitization


$1.50 per exposure

Scanning negatives is an especially manual process. It is very time consuming process and can't be automated. Negatives have all sorts of potential issues to make it more difficult: odd sizes, warped/curled, and it takes care to make sure they aren't scanned inverted. We have no quanity discounts.

Technical Specs of Scans

Scanned on Nikon 10000XL Scanners at 2400 dpi.

Scanned to High-Quality JPEG

The images are saved in a 95 our of 100 high-quality compression scheme.

The scanned images are squarely aligned and cropped.

You will see only the picture part of the negative, no border

We will retain as much of the picture as possible.

There is always a very small amount of cropping of the image, but special attention is paid not to crop out people.

Resulting Product

Full-resolution, high-quality compression, JPEGs on data-DVDs.

1080P and 720P resolution, high-quality compression, JPEGs on data-DVDs.

A standard definition slideshow, on a DVD, for playing on your TV with a standard DVD player.

1080P and 720P high definition slideshows, on a data-DVD, for playing on your computer or streaming to your TV.

Organization and Shipping to Us

Organize the negatives into groups, we suggest chronologically.

Standard mailing envelopes work well. Sealing the envelopes in a Ziploc bag is a good idea.

Use newspaper as packing material in a strudy box.

How Many Slideshow DVDs Will Your Project Take?
Number of Negatives Estimated number of DVDs
1-20001 DVDs
2001-40002 DVDs
4001-60003 DVDs
6001-80004 DVDs
Additional Copies

DVD-Video discs

Labeled DVD in a standard DVD case with label

These are the DVDs for the movies for film and the TV DVD slideshows (SD - standard definition) for slides.

Quantity Range Price Per

Data DVD discs

Labeled DVD in a paper sleeve.

Typically additional AVI or h264 files for film and JPEGs or HD Slideshows for slides.

Quantity Range Price Per

USB Memory Sticks and External Hard Drives

We recommend this option. Please see the preservation section below.

Sold at our cost. They will be purchased on

No service fee to copy finished materials to them.

Please do not send drives containing data that you want to keep.

Payment Methods

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

We also accept PayPal payments, money orders, personal, corporate and cashier checks.

We collect payment upon shipment of your project.

If you are a corporate, university, or government customer, we can send you an invoice at shipment but we will retain possession of your original materials until we receive payment.

2% Cash Equivalent Discount

If you would like to receive a 2% discount we accept payments by check or other cash equivalent.

We'd rather give your the discount instead of paying the credit card company!

Rush Service

Rush Service Charges

Occasionally a customer needs their project rushed. It could be a last-minute gift, open-house, historical event, or a sick relative.

We can usually accomodate this within a 5 business day window for a 50% premium of the project cost or $300 fee, whichever is greater.

Please contact us before sending your project and we will determine if we can fit it in.

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